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porc-etch 1000 and porc-etch 1010

Using Porc-Etch™ maximizes your coating's adhesion to porcelain and ceramic substrates.

Porc-Etch 1000 Etching Solution

is a concentrated mixture of several acid bearing compounds that are designed to perform consistently and break down the original glaze finish on bathtubs, sinks and wall tile.

Etching with Porc-Etch 1000 or 1010 is an integral step in the kitchen and bath refinishing process.

Lab and field tests have proven that surfaces treated with an etching solution will hold the coating far longer than an untreated surface.


A major advantage of Porc-Etch over other acid-bearing solutions is its stabilized base which allows a high level of control over the etching process. Un stabilized solutions, such as straight hydrofluoric acid cut with water, will not give an overall uniform etch pattern and will leave the surface uneven and pitted.

Pinholes can trap acid in the substrate in some circumstances, which may lead to premature coating failure.

porc-etch 1000


Stock Number

1 Quart


Case of 12


*Bulk Pricing Available

porc-etch 1010


Stock Number

1 Quart


Case of 12


*Bulk Pricing Available



Porc-Etch 1000 is a blend of acids, cleaners and stabilizing agents which etches the surface, while also cleaning soap film residue, rust, grease and other contaminants commonly found on surfaces to be refinished.

Combining the cleaning and etching into a
1 step procedure saves you both time and money.

The acids and cleaners work together for
overall penetration to make Porc-Etch 1000 a formidable preparation tool. Porc-Etch 1000 is famous for its industry leading ability to reduce the “powder effect” level significantly.


Porc-Etch is an indicator etch. When the solution is dry the acids have completed the etching process and can be removed. This takes the guesswork out and improves your quality control over the etching process.


Stabilized etching solutions offer the safest way to handle corrosive chemicals which can cause sever burns.

Porc-Etch 1000 was designed to deliver maximum performance, not only to make your job faster, but more importantly, safer.


This extra strength formula features the same special blend of cleaners and stabilizers, with
a stronger acid compound. Ideal for tough
surfaces such as old style fire brick, wall tile, china sinks and the newer acid-resistant tubs.


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