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bathtub refinishing preparation products

Hawk offers specialized products for the preparation part of the refinishing process.

Hawk carries all the surface preparation chemicals for all your refinishing needs including Porc-Etch 1000 and 1010, Cream Etch, Industrial cleaners, Micro-Clean Step I and Step II, Masterstrip, Fiberstrip, Surface Wash Solvent cleaners, and Siligone. Call us today to order your preparation chemicals 800-321-4295.

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Refinishing Preparation Chemicals Block Bathtub Refinishing Preparation products

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Porc-Etch 1000 and 1010
For etching porcelain and ceramic surfaces. Stabilized for safety, famous for its "frosting" effect leaving minimum powder residue. Two strengths to choose from Regular 1000 or Extra 1010. Built-in cleaning agents do two jobs at the same time.


Micro-Clean Step I and Step II
Micro-Clean Step I and Step II is used to prepare surfaces for the refinishing process. Micro-Clean Step I Cleaner will remove soap scum, silicone caulk residue, stains and hard water deposits. Micro-Clean Step II will remove residue soap scum, silicone molecules, and trace acids from other cleaners and leave the surface with a neutral ph.

Step I-#13764
Step II -#13754


Cream Etch
A etch for porcelain and ceramic surfaces that is in a paste form for vertical surfaces and is an excellent etch for chip repairs.



Industrial Cleaner
Hawk’s Industrial Cleaner is a concentrated acid based cleaner that removes soap film, grease, mold & mildew, and calcium build-up on substrates.





Surface Wash Solvent Cleaner
Use Surface Wash to remove silicone residue, waxes, grease, oil, and other type containments that can interfere with coating application and adhesion.





Hawk’s Siligone quickly and thoroughly removes silicone caulk and caulk residue from bathtubs, tile, and counters that can cause fisheyes in the topcoat.


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