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1-16-2018 NEW Hawk Laboratories launches UltraGripô Lo 4300
A New Low Odor, Low VOC Primer System
Click here for UltraGripô Lo 4300 .

9-26-2017 NEW Product Catalog

Hawk's New Product Catalog

email sales@hawklabs.com for a catalog
or click here to request one by email
8-3-2017 Sterlion Technology Available Now
We are excited to reveal our
Sterlion Silver Ion Technology coatings.

NEW Stone-Flecks Ultra Colors
We are excited to announce three new attractive and trendy gray-tone colors;
Muir Woods, Castlerock and Dover
Click here to view Hawk's
NEW Stone-Flecks Ultra colors
Exciting news at Hawk !
We are pleased to announce the following new additions to the Hawk team:

August 2017 - Scott Courter
VP of Sales & Marketing

January 2017 - John Kenny


October 2016 - Mak Joshi
VP of Research & Development

June 2016 - Susan Nyborg

Director of Compliance & Safety

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refinishing products

The best refinishing products, paints and coatings available to refinish porcelain, ceramic, fiberglass, acrylic, formica, cultured marble, wood, and metal surfaces.

Hawk Research Labs is the premier supplier of refinishing products, paint and coatings for the refinishing industry featuring acrylic urethanes, adhesive epoxies, topcoats, primers, and reducers. Our paint and coatings have been used worldwide for over 30 years by the refinishing & reglazing professionals to refinish bathtubs, ceramic tile, countertops, cabinets, walls, pools and spas. In addition to coatings, paints and formulas, Hawk specializes in the most durable and high performance reglazing equipment and accessories for each of your refinishing tasks.

If this is your first time learning about cabinet, countertop or bathtub & tile refinishing paints and coatings that Hawk Research Laboratories, Inc. provides, please take plenty of time to explore our site. We've packed these pages with extensive information to help you get started and understand precisely how to start your own tub restoration business or add these services to the other maintenance and repair services your company already performs.

Refinishing  Equipment Block Refinishing Product Categories

Bathtub Refinishing Reglazing arrow Bathtub & Tile Refinishing (Reglazing) Coatings


Paints and coatings that are commonly used in the bathtub & ceramic tile refinishing industry that will bring tubs and ceramic tile back to life and make them look like new!

Countertop Refinishing Arrow Countertop Refinishing (Reglazing) Coatings


Countercote 9500 has been a popular semi-gloss coating for countertop refinishing offering either a traditional look or eggshell finish. The latest innovation in countertop refinishing has been our award winning Stone-Flecks™ Imitation Stone Finishes.

Cabinet Refinishing Arrow Cabinet Refinishing (Reglazing) Coatings


Many refinishers have found our semi-gloss Countercote 9500™ to be a durable and long lasting finish for wood, laminate, or metal cabinets.

Pool Spa Refinishing Arrow Pool / Spa Refinishing (Reglazing) Coatings


Hawk supplies coatings and paints that are used for refinishing of pools, spas, hot tubs, therapy pools, water slides, lazy rivers, and wave pools. These specialty coatings will work on a variety of pool substrates like epoxy paint, gunite, fiberglass, plaster and concrete.

Green Refinishing Arrow Eco Friendly Refinishing Paints and Products


Hawk is the leader in developing environmentally friendly refinishing coatings and paints to meet your V.O.C. compliant needs.

Multi-Color Finishes Arrow Special Effects Coatings / Paints


Hawk's multi-purpose coatings and special effects allow you to offer your customers many new and exciting finishes on bathtubs,tile, countertops, and other surfaces.

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