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1-16-2018 NEW Hawk Laboratories launches UltraGripô Lo 4300
A New Low Odor, Low VOC Primer System
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9-26-2017 NEW Product Catalog

Hawk's New Product Catalog

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8-3-2017 Sterlion Technology Available Now
We are excited to reveal our
Sterlion Silver Ion Technology coatings.

NEW Stone-Flecks Ultra Colors
We are excited to announce three new attractive and trendy gray-tone colors;
Muir Woods, Castlerock and Dover
Click here to view Hawk's
NEW Stone-Flecks Ultra colors
Exciting news at Hawk !
We are pleased to announce the following new additions to the Hawk team:

August 2017 - Scott Courter
VP of Sales & Marketing

January 2017 - John Kenny


October 2016 - Mak Joshi
VP of Research & Development

June 2016 - Susan Nyborg

Director of Compliance & Safety

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surface wash

Surface Wash™ removes any residual moisture left from the cleaning or etching process.

surface wash for cleaning and etching tubs when refinishing

Hawk’s Surface Wash is a special blend of solvent/cleaner that performs two important steps at one time. The cleaner removes silicones, water, grease, oil, etc. Secondly, Surface Wash washes away powder residue and leaves the pores of the porcelain or fiberglass surface clean for maximum adhesion of the coating being applied.

The solvent also removes any residual moisture left from the cleaning or etching of the surface, opening up the pores and leaving the surface free of contamination that can cause both short and long-term coating problems.

surface wash



Stock Number

1 Gallon

Surface Wash


*Bulk Pricing Available



2 Products in 1

-Removes silicone residue, waxes, grease,oil and other contaminants
-Removes residual moisture for better adhesion without spray defects

Use On:

-Tubs etched with Porc-Etch 1000
-Unetched tubs prior to applying Quick-Bond 2000 wipe on primer
-Fiberglass tubs, wall, surrounds, cultured marble tops prior to applying primers and topcoats.


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