BATHTUB Refinishing

Hawk Labs has been a leading supplier for professional bath refinishing projects since 1978. Over this time, coatings systems have evolved providing refinishers with highly engineered, high performance, and application specific coating choices. Resin, catalyst, and viscosity management products along with a wide variety of colors and designs enable today's professional refinisher to rejuvenate and refresh a bathtub to “like-new” condition. Refinishing eliminates the mess, hassle, and costs of a renovation project and the bathtub is ready for use in as little as 24 hours.


Clean and etch or sand the surface.
All tub types – porcelain, fiberglass or previously refinished should be thoroughly cleaned with MicroClean™ Step I cleaner. Depending on the type of tub, the surface would then be etched or sanded. For previously refinished tubs, the old coating may have to be physically or chemically removed prior to etching. Apply Step II cleaner or Surface Wash to the surface of the tub, depending on tub type.

Once the surface has been cleaned and etched, repair imperfections as necessary using ProFil™ Compound.

Bonding Agent 
Apply QuickPrep™ 2000 Wipe On Primer and Bonding agent to provide the optimum adhesion to porcelain or previously refinished tubs, or PlasticPrep™ Bonding Agent to a fiberglass tub.


UltraGrip™ 4000 High-Build Primer System or UltraGrip Lo 4300 Primer System
UltraGrip 4000 primer is a high-build, extremely durable system that will decrease the amount of time spent repairing the surface prior to refinishing by filling texture from wood grain or minor scratches and imperfections. Use the low odor, VOC compliant UltraGrip Lo 4300 system, if concerned about odor or working in an area with strict VOC regulations.


GlasTech™ 9000 and GlasTech Lo 9000 Topcoat Systems
This topcoat system is the leader in the industry for a high-gloss, high-durability finish. Available in 48, 24, and 4-hour cure times, the GlasTech and GlasTech Lo systems can be applied to all types of tile surfaces.

IsoFree Plus™ and IsoFree Plus Lo Topcoat Systems
For an extremely durable acrylic finish, the IsoFree Plus systems are an isocyanate-free, functionally cured acrylic topcoat system that delivers fast dry times, chemical and stain resistance on par with traditional isocyanate-based systems. The IsoFree systems are the preferred coating systems for technicians who have sensitivity to or concerns about exposure to isocyanates. Available in both high-gloss and semi-gloss finishes.

*All topcoat systems are available with Sterlion™ antimicrobial with SilTrac™ technology that will inhibit the growth of bacteria on the surface and protect the surface from product damaging bacteria.