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CreteFx® Concrete 
Resurfacing Systems

In less than 24 hours*, boring concrete floors can be transformed into beautiful, durable and functional living and working space.

The CreteFx Concrete Coating System, a multi-layered concrete resurfacing system, offers significant benefits, including:
  • Low odor and low VOC
  • Resistance to scratches and wear, with excellent adhesion
  • Highly resistant to chemicals and hot tire pick-up
  • Choice of four decorative design styles, with a wide array of color options
  • Return-to-full-service the next day*
  • Easy pour and roll-on application
  • Flexible mix-and-match coating systems that provide a tailored solution for every project
  • Repair and cleaning products to ensure resurfacing success
* Dry time depends on CreteFx system and application conditions.


In this video we provide an overview of the process for transforming boring bare concrete into beautiful and durable space using CreteFx Concrete Resurfacing Systems.