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Eco-Friendly Products
According to the EPA, 534 million tons of construction and demolition waste was land-filled in 2014. Demolition and renovation represents more than 90% of this amount with the balance being new construction. Professional refinishing is a “greener alternative” to renovation and landfill as many bathtubs, sinks, shower enclosures and countertops could be easily restored thereby lowering our carbon footprint and reducing the landfill waste.

Coatings that are safer for the Professional Refinisher, the Consumer and the Environment
Hawk has continued to innovate new coatings for the refinishing industry. Hawk’s recently launched range of “Lo” coatings have low VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and a low odor. A professional refinisher may now utilize a full range of primers, multicolors and topcoat systems that are low odor and low VOC. This makes them safer for both the refinisher and the consumer.

Hawk’s UltraGrip™ Lo, StoneGard™ Lo, GlasTech™ Lo and IsoFree™ Lo range of products meet or exceed the most stringent VOC regulations in the United States. These low VOC and low odor coatings provide the same excellent performance as their original counterparts, the standards in the refinishing industry. When mixed in the recommended ratios, the low VOC primers and topcoats are no longer restricted to the small container exemptions set forth by California (SCAQMD and CARB), OTC, LADCO, and several other areas.

Please click here for information on our range of low odor, VOC compliant products.

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