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The MaxAir II exhauster provides the best protection against fumes for the customer and the refinisher. In addition, the high volume of continued air movement improves application performance through quicker flash times, reducing runs, sags and blushing in the finish. The solvent resistant 8-inch hoses can be easily connected together for any desired length. MaxAir II comes with a full manufacturer’s warranty.

MaxAir II Features:
  • Efficient removal of fumes means better visibility, quicker flash, and recoat times
  • Dust related problems are minimized
  • Powerful motor (maximum 1000 CFM)
  • Portable and light weight (17 lbs)
Complete system comes with:
  • Motor
  • Housing and intake adapter
  • 25-foot intake hose
  • 25-foot exhaust hose
  • 8-inch duct coupler
  • 2-2pk strap kit
The RamAir high volume exhauster is a 12-inch turbo fan. The fan's blade shape is designed to move the large amounts of air efficiently. The complete system includes a motor, housing and intake adapter, 25-foot intake hose with strap, 25-foot exhaust hose with strap, 12-inch connector with strap and 100 disposable pre-filters.

RamAir Features:
  • Dual voltage/dual frequency/one unit 
  • High impact polyethylene shell
  • Glass-filled nylon turbo fan blade
  • Low starting amps
  • Standard 16-foot/4.6 power cord
  • 37lbs/17kg
  • Motor (Output): 50Hz-0.75kW 60Hz-1.0Hp
  • Dimensions: 20 inch height/15.5 inch width /12 inch depth
  • 508H/394W/305d mm
  • Electrical (Input): 115/230VAC 60Hz-1.0Hp