Etching Solutions

PorcEtch solution is a concentrated mixture of several acid-bearing compounds that are designed to perform consistently and break down the original glaze finish on bathtubs, sinks and wall tile. Lab and field tests have proven that surfaces treated with an etching solution will hold the coating far longer than an untreated surface.

PorcEtch solution has a stabilized base which allows a high level of control over the etching process. Unstabilized solutions, such as diluted hydrofluoric acid, will not provide an overall uniform etch pattern and will leave the surface uneven and pitted.
  • When solution is dry, the etching process is complete
  • Blend of acids, cleaners and stabilizing agents
  • Cleans soap film residue, rust, grease and other contaminants  
Cream Etch is effective for most etching applications as well as chip repair. The paste-like consistency provides concentrated and accurate etching capabilities needed for repairs.

Use for etching porcelain, ceramic tile, enameled tubs and vitreous china
  • Applies easily
  • Clings on vertical surfaces
  • Use PorcEtch 1000 or 1010 solution to thin