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Etching Solutions

PorcEtch® solution is a concentrated mixture of several acid-bearing compounds that are designed to perform consistently and break down the original glaze finish on bathtubs, sinks and wall tile and extends coating lifespan.

PorcEtch solution has a stabilized base which allows a high level of control over the etching process to produce an even surface without pitting.
  • Available in regular strength (1000) and extra strength (1010)
  • When solution is dry, the etching process is complete
  • Blend of acids, cleaners and stabilizing agents
  • Cleans soap film residue, rust, grease and other contaminants  
PorcEtch® Edge is a concentrated mixture of acid-bearing compounds designed to break down the original glaze finish on porcelain, ceramic, enamel and vitreous china bathtubs and tiles.

The PorcEtch Edge formulation offers: 
  • Reliable, regular strength etching power
  • Good hang time on vertical applications
  • A  smooth consistency
  • A distinctive red color makes it easy to ensure consistent application
  • Leaves no powder residue when dry