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All Halcon equipment is made in the USA, and designed to withstand the toughest resurfacing conditions.

Ask about our cost-saving bronze, silver, gold and platinum packages!


Spraying layers of coatings for hours each day can put significant wear on equipment. Hawk's Halcon HVLP turbines are built by industry-leading manufacturer, Apollo, with the needs of resurfacing professionals in mind:
  • Sleek cabinets with exceptional air flow, for increased motor longevity
  • Superior cooling system reduces the risk of burns
  • Ergonomic design reduces strain on users
  • Dual filter system delivers clean spray air with reduced turbine noise
  • 80-90% transfer efficiency, for less wasted coatings and mess
This three-stage turbine is ideal for resurfacing professionals looking for high quality and great performance at an economical price point. In addition to the features above, it includes:
  • 7 PSI
  • 115 CFM
  • 29’ quick disconnect flex hose
  • Full three-year limited warranty on parts and labor (two-year standard, plus one year with online product registration)
This four-stage turbine is the ideal mid-range unit, offering high quality and superior performance, with added power at a great value. In addition to the features above, it includes:
  • 9 PSI
  • 130 CFM
  • 29’ quick disconnect flex hose
  • Full three-year limited warranty on parts and labor (two-year standard, plus one year with online product registration)
This feature-rich five-stage turbine is designed for the ultimate in precision and control.  It offers all of the features above, plus:
  • 10 PSI
  • 130 CFM
  • Variable speed
  • Hour-use meter for filter and motor brush maintenance reminders
  • Overheat management
  • 37’ quick disconnect flex hose
  • Full five-year limited warranty covering parts and labor (two-year standard, plus three years with online product registration)
  • Note: Not recommended for use with bleeder-type spray guns


Designed with flexibility in mind, the Halcon Lightning combines superior precision, high performance, and ease-of-use, making it the ideal spray gun for the resurfacing industry. It offers:
  • Both gravity feed and bottom feed cup connections
  • 1-quart cup assembly
  • Precision overspray control
  • Easy-to-clean matte finish
  • Marine-grade stainless steel fluid parts
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum gun body
  • 1.3 and 1.8 needles
  • Two-year warranty (parts and labor)
  • Deluxe carrying case, spare parts kit, wrench, and cleaning brush
Halcon Lightning Instruction Manual
The Halcon Thunder is a versatile non-bleed, bottom-feed primer gun offering reliable performance at an economical price point. It's ideal as a primer gun and makes a great back-up spray gun. It includes:
  • 1-quart aluminum cup assembly
  • 1.3 needle
  • Two-year warranty (parts and labor)


Working in tight quarters or have a larger size project? This mobile solution combines a Halcon5 turbine, with a Halcon Lightning spray gun, two-quart non-stick stainless steel pressure pot, oil-less mini air compressor, hose and trolley wheels.
Stop wasting time refilling your cup! Complete big resurfacing projects faster with this high volume mobile solution. Designed for use with Halcon turbines, this 2.5-gallon pressure pot with air compressor, coating feed and air hoses, and two-wheel handled cart system reduces cup refilling time and eliminates multiple trips from job site to mixing area. (Spray gun and turbine sold separately.)


Complete gravity feed and bottom feed cup assemblies are available in a variety of sizes.  Individual parts also sold separately. Cups, gaskets, air feed tubes, air check valves, and more!
Not your ordinary hose. Halcon hoses are made from industrial-grade nylon helix and alloy couplers, making these hoses extremely durable and flexible, while weighing less than competitive hoses.

Available in 24, 27, 34, 37, 44, and 54 feet lengths.
Need a replacement nozzle or needle? A variety of sizes are available, from .8mm to 2.5 mm. Standard and high solids air caps are also available.

Standard Air Caps
· Green “A”
· Gold “B”
· Blue “C”
· Silver “D”

High Solids Air Caps
· Gold “B”
· Blue “C”
· Silver “D”
The Halcon Cleaning Kit provides everything you need to thoroughly clean your Halcon spray guns to keep them in peak operating condition. The multiple size brushes, picks and pokers are all Made in the USA, and are specifically chosen for use with Halcon resurfacing equipment.
For routine maintenance of your Halcon spray guns, this overhaul kit is the perfect solution. It includes a replacement gasket, lube, brushes, and rings.