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The SureStep walk-in tub accessibility steps are an easy way for homeowners or institutions to provide a safe and user-friendly shower experience without the significantly higher costs associated with a full accessible shower installation.  The SureStep accessibility steps are an affordable and convenient solution to convert your existing cast iron, steel or fiberglass bathtub into a walk-in shower.  The conversion process involves cutting and removing a section of the bathtub and fitting the step into the opening.

SureStep accessibility steps are available in 3 styles:
  • SureStep Mono (Narrow, Medium, Large) - available in white and beige
  • SureStep Mono Low – for higher profile tubs; available in white and beige
  • SureStep Combi – removable water-tight insert allows for use as tub or shower; available in white

SureStep Mono Accessibility Step

SureStep Mono Low Accessibility Step

SureStep Combi Convertible Step

How to Video:

Videos can be found on our Training page: Hawk Laboratories Resurfacing Training Page