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Cabinet Resurfacing

Restoring cabinets is about much more than just adding years of life and service - it's also about using your cabinet resurfacing expertise to create a beautiful, eye catching final finish that complements the entire home. Hawk Labs kitchen cabinet resurfacing products are of the absolute highest quality, and we provide all the resources and cabinet resurfacing training you need to get the perfect look.


Sand lightly
Sanding using 180-220 grit sandpaper will scuff the surface and promote adhesion.

Surface Wash
Washing the surface using Hawk Labs Surface Wash solvent cleaner removes dust and particles from sanding, providing a clean slate for resurfacing. Be sure not to saturate the surface too much if the substrate is porous wood. Be conservative with the amount of product used for this step.

Once the surface is sanded and cleaned, repair imperfections as necessary using ProFil™ Compound.


UltraGrip™ 4000 High-Build Primer System or UltraGrip Lo 4300 Primer System
UltraGrip 4000 primer is a high-build, extremely durable system that will decrease the amount of time spent repairing the area prior to resurfacing by filling texture from wood grain or minor scratches and imperfections. Use the low odor, VOC compliant UltraGrip Lo 4300 system, if concerned about odor or working in an area with strict VOC regulations.


CabinetCote™ 9700 Topcoat
When spraying a vertical surface, it is important to use a coating that is fast-drying and sag resistant. The CabinetCote 9700 system is designed specifically for this purpose, making it user friendly and ideal for resurfacing cabinetry in place. This system is available in both a low-gloss matte finish or high-gloss finish.

*All topcoat systems are available with Sterlion™ antimicrobial with SilTrac™ technology that will inhibit the growth of bacteria on the surface and protect the surface from product damaging bacteria.