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CreteFx Coating Systems

CreteFx E – an affordable and easy-to-use epoxy system with a high-gloss finish, available in 6 solid basecoat colors and a clear topcoat.
CreteFx P – a premium fast-drying, UV resistant polyaspartic system with a high-gloss finish, available in 6 solid basecoat colors and a clear topcoat.
CreteFx Fusion – a fast-drying, UV resistant proprietary topcoat system that’s more affordable than polyaspartic, and available in a clear satin, or semi-gloss finish.
CreteFx S – a premium epoxy system, available in white and clear, formulated to mix with Dream Metallics pigments to create stunning, unique high-gloss metallic and pearlescent designs as a decorative topcoat.  
CreteFx WB – a premium easy to clean-up, water-based epoxy basecoat system that is virtually odorless, available in white and black .
CreteFx MoistureShield – a premium epoxy moisture vapor barrier system that protects new or existing concrete slabs against the harmful effects of moisture and pH issues. It controls moisture vapor transmission of up to 25 pounds per 1,000 square feet per 24 hours without adding time to the curing process. Available in 6 solid basecoat colors.

CreteFx Build-Your-Own-Garage-System

With the CreteFx Build-Your-Own-Garage-System, you can choose the coating system combination that best matches your specific requirements.
*Drying times vary based on CreteFx coating system and conditions.

Some of our most popular basecoat and topcoat combinations:
  • The Fastest System: CreteFx P Basecoat, CreteFx P Topcoat
  • The Lowest Cost System: CreteFx E Basecoat, CreteFx E Topcoat
  • The Best System for Floors with Moisture: CreteFx MoistureShield Basecoat, CreteFx Fusion Topcoat
  • The Recommended System for Metallics: CreteFx WB Basecoat, CreteFx S Decorative Coat
    For a satin or semi-gloss and UV resistant finish, add CreteFx Fusion
  • The Best System for Cooler or Warmer Application Conditions: CreteFx P Basecoat, CreteFx Fusion Topcoat 
  • The Most Overall Benefits: CreteFx E Basecoat, CreteFx Fusion Topcoat
    For faster drying, best UV-resistance, ease-of-use and a variety of sheen options, at a more affordable price point.