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The Spray Gun Magic Kit comes with a 3.5-gallon high density plastic bucket, resealable safety storage lid, 1 gallon of concentrated cleaner and a parts holder/paint strainer basket. (1 gallon when diluted with water will make 3 gallons.)
Gun Stripper
Used as a paint remover, Spray Gun Magic helps eliminate service work by keeping gun parts like air caps, fluid nozzles, and needle assemblies in top working condition. Spray Gun Magic will protect the spray gun from poor spray fan patterns that produce runs, sags and uneven fan patterns on your finished work.
Daily Cleaner
Used as a daily cleaner, it will keep gun interiors and hoses free of in-line build up, reducing application problems like clogging, spitting or stubborn triggers. Spray Gun Magic also helps reduce orange peel on finishes by maximizing paint flow through your spray system.
  • Fast working formula
  • Safe to use and store
  • Environmentally friendly
WARNING: Before using this product, be sure to test on all surfaces to determine suitability. This product may stain and pit some aluminum and metal surfaces if exposed for an extended period of time.

Hawk Research Laboratories’ Spray Gun Cleaner is a blend of solvents designed to disslove only uncured coatings. This unique blend of high shear, slow evaporating solvents will clean your spray equipment thoroughly, without the residues found in lower quality line washes that could lead to fisheyes in the finish.
  • Can be used for preparation, equipment cleaning or clean up
  • Full compatibility with Hawk Research Laboratories’ formulas
  • Cleaner equipment results in a superior finish
  • Controlled evaporation
CAUTION: When cleaning up paint spills and overspray, test this and all solvent cleaners on an inconspicuous area before using to ensure that the surface will not be damaged.