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Led by a Ph.D. scientist, our product development team uses a disciplined stage-gate process to develop and deliver innovative solutions to meet current and emerging demands of the resurfacing market.

Use technical formulary expertise to develop differentiated and sustainable solutions for resurfacing market
  • World class laboratory located at our corporate Headquarters in Wheeling, IL
  • Proximity to UL, University of Illinois (Chicago), Northwestern University, and Argonne National Laboratory
  • Extensive capabilities - washability tester, pencil hardness, slip testing, sag resistance, and many other testing and coatings performance instruments
  • 40+ years of paint and coating-related experience and staffed by the industry’s top paint and coating experts

Utilize cross-functional, disciplined stage-gate commercial development process to manage New Product Development projects 
  • Five distinct gates to New Product Development: Ideation, Predevelopment, Development, Pre-commercialization, and Commercialization
  • Accelerates speed-to-market
  • Increases the likelihood of product success
  • Introduces discipline into a sometimes-chaotic process
  • Reduces re-work and other forms of waste
  • Achieves efficient and effective allocation of scarce resources
  • Ensures a complete process - no critical steps are omitted

Close collaboration with customers on specific projects with clearly defined goals and milestones, commitment from management on both sides- The Formulary Approach
  • Partnership - working with customers to understand their needs
  • Develop a formulation using Design of Experiment (DOE) to meet and exceed the expectations
  • Validate the formulation/product with parallel evaluation