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The StoneTuff Polyaspartic coatings are low odor and low VOC. They are resistant to scratches and wear, offer excellent adhesion, are highly resistant to chemicals and hot tire pick-up, and have excellent color stability under UV light exposure. After topcoat application, the coatings allow for light foot traffic in as little as 2 hours and vehicular traffic in 24 hours.*

* Drying times vary based on conditions.

The StoneTuff P Garage System is a fast-curing system consisting of a pigmented polyaspartic basecoat, an optional layer of decorative chips or traction additive, and finishes with a high gloss clear polyaspartic topcoat.

The StoneTuff P Garage System will cover an average two-car garage of 450-500 square feet. It includes:
  • Clear basecoat resin, optional basecoat resin tint pack, basecoat hardener
  • Broadcast element (traction additive or decorative chips)
  • Clear topcoat resin, topcoat hardener
  • Two mixing buckets
The StoneTuff Polyaspartic Product Kit will cover an average of 250 square feet per mixed gallon at 5 mils dry film thickness. It includes:
  • Clear resin
  • Optional resin tint pack
  • Hardener


Available in six contemporary solid colors.
Top Row: Dark Gray, White, Light Gray
Bottom Row: Black, Medium Gray, Beige


Available in six beautiful multi-color finishes.
Top Row: Arctic Shore, Chameleon, Coastal
Bottom Row: Shale, Titanium, Aquatic

Note: Due to industry-wide supply shortages,
decorative chips can only be sold with
StoneTuff Garage Systems at this time.
All StoneTuff topcoat systems are available with Sterlion™ antimicrobial with SilTrac™ technology that inhibits the growth of bacteria on the surface and protects the surface from product damaging bacteria.