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UltraGrip™ 4000 Primer

High-Build Epoxy Adhesive Primer System

Considered the premier primer system in the refinishing industry, UltraGrip 4000 primer is a 2 component, polyamide cured, high build primer system for a wide range of substrates, from tubs and tiles to floors and countertops. UltraGrip 4000 primer has a fast cure even when applied at heavy film builds. It covers minor surface imperfections and seals grout lines on tile walls and floors. Mix 1:1 with UltraGrip 4000 Catalyst and reduce as necessary with UltraGrip 4000 Reducer. UltraGrip 4000 primer is available in white, as well as tinted colors for our StoneFlecks™ Ultra multicolor topcoats.

  • High build
  • Fast dry times between coats
  • Ultra resistant to moisture