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Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) are compounds that contain a carbon, (excluding carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, etc.), which contribute to atmospheric photochemical reactions. The US Environmental Protection Agency has exempted certain compounds which have negligible photochemical activity.

Low VOC paint is expected to experience a rapid growth due to rising environmental concerns, government initiatives and government regulations. At the forefront of government regulations is California’s South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD), which is one of the most stringent regulatory bodies in the United States.

Hawk Labs is investing heavily in Research and Development to provide low VOC solutions to comply with the stringent rules. In addition, low VOC offers other advantages, such as reduced toxicity, reduced ozone-depleting contaminants, lower odor, and simplified clean up and disposal. Keep in mind, odor is not always indicative for safety. There are many chemicals that cannot be detected by smell and some that have an odor, but are not toxic.

Hawk offers low VOC primers and topcoats, which meet the most stringent VOC regulations in the United States. The low VOC alternatives, which are also low odor, provide the same performance as their original counterparts. When mixed in the recommended ratios, the low VOC coatings are no longer restricted to the small container exemption in the SCAQMD region.