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Thursday, August 3, 2017
Breakthrough technology offers anti-microbial protection for those challenging everyday high traffic-areas or where extra protection of the surface is needed. 
In response to the growing popularity of, and demand for antimicrobial coatings in the healthcare, education, food and beverage and other industries, Hawk Research Laboratories is excited to announce the launch of our latest innovation, Sterlion™ antimicrobial coatings with added Siltrac™ technology.

Utilizing independently tested and market proven silver ion technology, our new Sterlion antimicrobial product line inhibits the growth of bacteria and protects the surface of bathtubs, tile, counter tops, shower pans, floors, walls, sinks, cabinets & many other applications. We at Hawk are proud to present this new, innovative technology to the professional refinishing market. Sterlion refinishing coatings will set you apart from your competition, provide you an opportunity to differentiate your service thereby winning more projects and enhance your revenue and profits.

Why Silver antimicrobial protection
Silver ions prevent the growth of unwanted microorganisms such as mold, mildew, fungus and bacteria by releasing ions on demand.
Why Hawk's Sterlion antimicrobial coatings
The industry’s first antimicrobial coatings with added Siltrac technology which confirms the presence of the Sterlion in the coating. The antimicrobial protection will last the lifetime of the coating. Hawk’s Sterlion silver ion antimicrobial protects the coating’s surface by three modes of action:

  • Silver ions bind to the cell wall stopping growth
  • Silver ions interrupt enzyme production stopping the cell producing energy
  • Silver ions interrupt the cell DNA stopping replication

What is SILTRAC™ technology
 Use Hawk’s custom laser indicator with Siltrac technology to detect the presence of the Sterlion antimicrobial coating. The green light confirms your coating is protected by Sterlion.