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Hawk Launches PorcEtch® Edge

Tuesday, September 5, 2023
Hawk is pleased to announce the launch of PorcEtch® Edge, the newest addition to its line of high-performance etching solutions. 
PorcEtch Edge is a concentrated mixture of acid-bearing compounds designed to break down the original glaze finish on porcelain, ceramic, enamel and vitreous china bathtubs and tiles, while also cleaning soap film residue, rust, grease and other contaminants.

PorcEtch Edge offers:
  • NO ADDED HF, making it safer to use
  • No powder residue when dry, making it easier to use
  • Good hang time on vertical applications
  • Reliable and effective regular strength etching power
  • A smooth consistency for easy spreadability, with less clumping than competitive products
  • A distinctive red color, to help prevent any misses during the application process