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VividCote E is a high-performance professional countertop coating system. This two-component high-gloss pourable epoxy system is extremely durable, with excellent scratch, chemical and wear-resistance. Its zero VOC and virtually odorless formula includes UV additives to extend the coating lifespan. VividCote E countertop coating system is FDA compliant for use on food contact surfaces (in accordance with 21CFR 175.300), and is ideal for most application techniques. Typical application surfaces include countertops, worktops, tables, desks and other horizontal surfaces that need a stunning finish. 

VividCote E offers:
  • 30-40 minutes of working time
  • Available in white or clear base, and add Dream Metallics Collection of pigments for desired colors
  • Simple 1:1 mix ratio
  • Return-to-service in 12 hours
  • Available in Quarts, Gallons, 2-Quart Kit and 2-Gallon Kit

Launch Trailer

Introducing VividCote E,  the high-performance professional countertop coating system that transforms ordinary into Vivid!


Video Case Study

This stunning transformation was completed in five days using the VividCote E Countertop Coating System.


The Rigorous Performance, Quality, and Practical Testing

This video showcases the scientific and practical testing of the VividCote E Countertop Coating System.

VividCote E Countertop Coating System Application Techniques

With these four basic techniques, you can create endless design styles and color combinations. Watch demo videos